The way ahead, or the road to carbon zero, whatever the label the journey is essential.

Running on Hydrogen

CBS have been the project lead on 3 contracts within the UK Government’s Hy4heat programme for the last 3 years … proving that current, on-the-market, natural gas appliances can be made to run on hydrogen, with improved efficiencies, continued living flame ambience, enhanced safety and with world-beating reduction in NOx emissions.

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As project lead in the Government’s Hy4Heat programme CBS have demonstrated that a reference product can progress from a natural gas appliance to one running on pure hydrogen, meeting the exacting standards of GAR and ECOdesign, and retaining its viability as a product, maintaining both financial reward and jobs.
The development has proved that the way forward will also be a balance between the visual impact of the fires’ market acceptance, and compliance accreditation on hydrogen gas.
The successful completion of the Hy4heat programme, and the continuing dual-fuel programme, provide a range of options for developing product sales.

Hydrogen Adaptable:

A burner and pilot system that fits within the hydrogen fire design but runs on natural gas, requiring the minimum conversion when hydrogen becomes available.

Dual Fuel:

Where a variant of the new hydrogen compliant burner and pilot run on natural gas, seamlessly switching to hydrogen at the point of availability with minimum change.


Green Distilleries

From its start in 2022 the CBS group of companies have been project lead in the Government’s Green Distillery programme, where our gas burners and associated appliances will dramatically reduce energy costs in the distillery industry through use of carbon zero gases and combustion of previously discarded product waste.

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Colorado Construction & Engineering Limited and the University of Leeds

Clean Burner Systems has, in conjunction with Colorado Construction & Engineering Limited and the University of Leeds, developed a novel biofuel gasification system that can help transition all direct-fired and steam-heated distillery operations towards total carbon neutrality.
The solution will enable distilleries to retrofit boilers with the means to gasify low-cost biofuels to replace their current legacy fuels. The gasifiers will be connected to the existing steam boilers to have a >60% thermal efficiency.
We will prove the efficacy of the manufactured gasifiers and reactive fuel burner at distillery conditions in a test rig at the Livingston Centre for Industrial Decarbonisation (LCID). The LCID has been open to the public from May 2021.
Some of the key benefits of the programme are:

  • the gasifier is a practical solution for directly-fired and steam-heated distillation
  • 100% decarbonisation of distillery power production using hydrogen and biofuels
  • use of distillery waste and locally sourced biofuels from as early as 2023
  • distilleries will be sheltered from increasing energy costs by utilisation of lower-cost biofuels

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