Optimising energy costs or the road to carbon zero… whatever your journey the right burner is essential for your business and your customer.

Research & Development

Some burners just work … CBS burner designs go the extra mile matching the output need of the appliance to the lowest performance cost.

R&D facilities in Preston and Livingston 

Our brand new R&D facilities in Preston (domestic & commercial) and Livingston (industrial) are the centres for our innovative and revolutionary work, making a better and greener future.

With their wealth of academic experience and qualifications, gained at Leeds University, and coming to us via their groundbreaking, collaborative work on both the Green Distilleries and Hy4Heat Government-backed programmes, we’re proud to have Francis Omotola Olanrewaju and José Ramón Quiñonez Arce on board at the cutting edge of our exciting developments.


‘I carried out the preliminary lab work of the first phase of the Green Distilleries project during my research at the University of Leeds. Phase 1 of the project involved the use of principles of biomass gasification similar to those used in my research/lab work to demonstrate the gasification of distilleries draff. The success of Phase 1 of the project led to the award of BEIS funding for the second phase of the Green Distilleries project. I started working with CBS after the award of the funding for the Phase 2 of the project because of my experience in the gasification of biomass/distillery draff and my proficiency in CAD (both of which are relevant to the ongoing Green Distilleries project).’ Francis Omotola Olanrewaju

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) play a vital role in our research as Ramon explains:

‘The use of CFD software allows the improvement of combustion systems by using turbulence and combustion models to replicate the behaviour of the aerodynamics/combustion without having to spend time and resources on physical experiments. Different fuels can also be investigated such as hydrogen or ethanol. Real burner dimensions and parameters can be modelled with simulation to obtain better accuracy.’


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